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Ayurvedmart is a online store intiated by Jay Jalaram Ayurved Bhandar, a firm established in 1999. We are proud of being the Upcoming largest seller and oldest store of Ayurveda, in Mumbai.

At our Borivali retail shop everyday more than 800 customers are physically visiting daily. This store is working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week with staff strength of 10 persons as on date.

We have Ayurvedic Doctors on our panel. (Most of the doctoes are M.D. and BAMS in Ayurveda.) We deal with 600 Ayurvedic Brands. Over the years, due to intensive testimonials and vast experience, we believe that not a single brand is having expertise on all ailments and disorders. So with due care, we have selected time tested products to offer to public, which have given 99% satisfaction to conumers till the date

We deal in Herbs, Ayurvedic Medicines, Ayurvedic Doctors' services, Ayurvedic Literature. With 1200 raw herbs and over 16000 ayurvedic medicines, our name is containing "Bhandar"(means collection), because we exclusively and exhaustively deal only and all in Ayurvedic field from last 15 years.

 Ayurveda is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world. Ayurveda ("Ayur" means life and "veda" means knowledge) is the ancient Holistic science which aims at a total harmony of mind, life, body & spirit in balance with nature's rhythms and the world around us.

 AYURVEDMART.COM is a joint effort to provide all Ayurvedic products, books, treatment and general information online. We providing door delivery in any parts of the world.

AYURVEDMART.COM treating people world wide by its unique effective remedies and supplements. It has been able to relieve people from their ailments in a very herbal way without causing any side effects. We provide our world with the best herbal treatment that ayurveda has to offer. India is home of ayurveda. As India is the land of diversified seasons hence it also has various flora and fauna that gives ayurveda a great scope in being able to treat people world wide.





  • We have a complete range of cost effective 100% natural herbal remedies with the highest quality.
  • Highest quality assurance, providing you with the most effective and biologically active product every time.

  • Freshness, and potency with extensive research and applied technology and we have a complete line of 100% Organic products which are known for their Quality and potency .

  • High quality supplements are formulated to allow much higher levels of bioavailability than cheaper, mass produced products.

  • We pride ourselves in being honest, maintaining strict privacy policies, and abiding by the highest code of ethics and standards. Our customer service is dedicated to outstanding care and attention and we are focused foremost on offering top notch products with friendly and helpful assistance.

  • We and our team try to provide with a highest quality with cheaper rates.

After all these processes the product reaches our esteemed customers and clients.

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