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Formulations containing Loha Bhasma or Mandoora Bhasma as one of the important ingredient fall in the category of Loha - Mandoora. The deficiency of Loha i.e. Iron gives rise to various diseases or symptoms like general weakness, Pandu, Netra Roga etc. These symptoms can be treated only by giving Loha. Mandoora is another form of Loha. Both Loha & Mandoora are made into Loha Bhasma & Mandoora Bhasma respectively so as to make it easily acceptable to the body. Anaemia at times is due to Krumi i.e. worms and formulations like Punarnava Mandoora acts on Krumi as well as corrects Pandu. Constipation which is seen in patients consuming iron in any other form, is not seen in patients consuming Loha - Mandoora Kalpas as the formulations take care of these problems themselves. One can note the presence of Triphala etc. in the formulations and have a feel of the wisdom of the Ancient Ayurvedic seers. Anaemia or Pandu along with other associated symptoms is corrected by Kalpas in the Loha- Mandoora category. Below are Products under Loha Mandoor : Punarnava Mandoora Saptamrut Loha Tapyadi Loha

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