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Charak Ayurvedic Tablets with Alignments with Short Description

  • Arthrella Tablets (Anti Arthritic)
  • Arshonyt Forte Tablets (Piles)
  • Alsarex Tablets (Gastric Ulcer)
  • Arjunin Tablets (Cardiotonic)
  • Calcury Tablets (Kidney Stones)
  • Cephagraine Tablets (Sinusitis)
  • Cognium Tablets (Mental Fatigue)
  • Extrammune Tablets (Immune Booster)
  • Femiplex Tablets ( Leucorrhoea)
  • Haleezy Tablets (Bronchial asthma)
  • Hyponidd Tablets (PCOS)
  • Livomyn Tablets (Hepatoprotector)
  • M2Tone Tablets (Regularise Menstrual Cycle)
  • Neo Tablets (Premature Ejaculation)
  • Ostolief Tablets (Osteo-Arthritis)
  • Ostolief Nutra Tablets (Reduce Joint Stiffness)
  • Obenyl Tablets (Anti-Obesity)
  • Ojus Tablets (Digestive Aid)
  • Pallrywyn Forte Tablets (Aphrodisiac)
  • Pigmento Tablets (Depigmented Skin)
  • Prosteez Tablets (BPH)
  • Sumenta Tablets (Anxiety)
  • Takzema Tablets (Eczema)
  • Vigomax Tablets (Maximise Desire)

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