Charak Extrammune Tablet

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Charak Extrammune Tablet

The personal bodyguard for extra immunity

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Extrammune Tablet

The personal bodyguard for extra immunity







1) Immunity Builder

2) Long-term oral steroid therapy.

3) Seasonal outbreaks of infective diseases e.g. Influenza, Typhoid or Malaria.


1) As an adjuvant with Antimicrobial therapy, particularly respiratory tract infections and skin and soft tissue infections.

2) As a monotherapy in PUO (Pyrexia of unknown origin).



Prophylactic dose: 2 tablets once daily for 2 to 3 months

Therapeutic dose: 2 tablets twice daily till the symptoms subside or as directed by the physician.

It is advisable to allow an interval of at least 30 minutes between the administration of Extrammune and other concurrent medications.

Duration: Till the symptoms subside or as per the physician's judgment.



1) Strengthens the immune system & builds resistance to infection.

2) Ensures therapeutic effectiveness of antibiotic therapy when co-prescribed.

3) Promotes faster recovery from infections.




1) Eat more of fresh fruits & vegetables.

2) Exercise / play in fresh air.

3) Always drink boiled / purified water.



1) Do not eat stale and junk food.



Each coated tablet contains :

Name of Ingredient                Latin/ English Name              Qty

Powder :

Triphala Guggul      >>>>       100 mg

Extracts of the following :

Guduchi   Tinospora cordifolia               250 mg

Haridra    Curcuma longa       250 mg

Manjishtha              Rubia cordifolia     125 mg

Trikatu     >>>>       100 mg

Chitrak     Plumbago zeylanica               75 mg




EXTRAMMUNE is an immunity-enhancer; it improves cellular and humoral immunity. Curcuma longa and Tinospora cordifolia improve the immunity by increasing polymorphonuclear cells as well as by enhancing immunoglobulin synthesis. Triphala Guggul, Plumbago zeylanica and Rubia cordifolia possess anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Ocimum sanctum is immunostimulant, and as an antibacterial it enhances phagocytic activity and phagocytic index. Glycyrrhiza glabra is antiviral and contains polysaccharides that stimulate macrophages. Cyperus rotundus is an antipyretic and has anti-inflammatory property. Piper longum is immunomodulator, bioavailability enhancer, and respiratory tonic, enhances host resistance and helps in recovery from intestinal infections. Aconitum heterophyllum is immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory and stimulates phagocyte function. Pistacia integerrima is a respiratory tonic and has antimicrobial activity. Thus Extrammune, an herbal formulation fortified with immunity enhancing herbs, acts as a personal bodyguard.


Important ingredients            Action


Triphala Guggul, Chitrak, Manjishtha    Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties

Tulsi        Immunostimulant, antibacterial

Guduchi, Haridra    Immunomodulatory, increases polymorphonuclear cells and enhances immunoglobulin synthesis

Yashtimadhu           Antiviral, contains polysaccharides that stimulate macrophages

Nagarmotha           Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory



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