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Dhootapapeshwar Avaleha , Dhootpapeshwar chyavanprash

Leha’ has been derived from ‘Lih’ means to lick. The formulation which can be licked by tongue is called Avaleha. The formulations and the preparation processes were so designed to make them more and more assimilable to the human body. Avaleha is one of them. When a baby starts growing, it first drinks mother’s milk and after that the next form of food advised to consume is by licking. This is only because the medicine in the Avaleha or leha form gets easily assimilated in the body tissue as digestion of an Avaleha starts right from the tongue/mouth. While making an Avaleha, the consistency of the Kwath or Decoction is made denser. But, it is also essential to make it tastier and palatable for which, Jaggery, Sugar, Honey, etc. are used. Avaleha can also be made by adding Guda [Jaggery] or sugar to the Kwath or Swarasa mentioned in the formulation and cookingalongwith it. After this Kalka of medicinal herbs, honey etc. are added to give it a form that can be licked i.e. Leha. Avaleha is most appreciated by all age groups. Avaleha preparations also have longer shelf life and long lasting results. During processing of Avaleha to avoid Kharapak and to get equivalent heat, steam jacketed vessels are used at Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited. The famous example of Avaleha is Chyavanprash. Texts mention that by consuming this, Chyavan Rhishi got back his youth. The meaning is, Avaleha are better Rasayan.

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