baidynath BILVADI CHURNA, 100 GM

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Baidyanath BILVADI CHURNA, 60 GM
Baidyanath BILVADI CHURNA, 60 GM is useful For Gas, Indigestion, Bloated Stomach, Constipation, Diarrhoea and Dysentery.
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Baidyanath BILVADI CHURNA, 60 GM

About bilwadi churna

Bilwadi Churna is Ayurvedic medicine in powder form. It is a classical Ayurvedic formulation referenced from Siddha Yog Sangraha and indicated in treatment of diarrhea and dysentery.

Bilvadi Churna contains Bilva/Bel Giri, Cannabis, dry ginger powder, Mochras, Dhai flowers, coriander seeds and fennel seeds. It has alterative, astringent, amebicide, antibacterial, antiseptic, digestive and stomachic action.

The principle ingredient of this medicine is unripe fruit pulp of Bael fruit (Bengal Quince). Bilva is used in Ayurveda for Pravahika (dysentery), Atisar (diarrhea), sprue, gastric troubles, intestinal parasites etc. Unripe Bel powder has significant effect on intestinal parasites, Entamoeba histolytica and Ascaris lumbricoides.

Another important ingredient of this medicine is Bhang (Indian hemp). In Ayurveda, Bhang is used in treatment of variety of diseases. The plant has bitter, astringent, tonic, stomachic, analgesic, and abortifacient properties. In small dosage it is given to treat abdominal disorders, dysentery, diarrhea, and pain.

Saunf or fennel is the dried seeds of the plant Foeniculum vulgare. They are largely used as a condiment. In medicine they are used as an aromatic adjunct to other articles. Fennel indicated in pain, digestive weakness, diarrhea and piles.

Ingredients of bilwadi Churna

  • Moch Rasa
  • Saunth
  • Dried Bhang (that has been washed with water and dried in shade)
  • Dhay ka phool
  • Dhaniya
  • Seed or giri from unripe Bael

Indications of bilwadi Churna

  • Gastric discomforts
  • Sprue Syndrome
  • Diarrhoea
  • Hepatitis
  • Bloating sensation

Benefits offered by Bilwadi Churna

  • Bilwadi Churna is very good medicine for treatment and prevention of diarrhea, dysentery or Sprue syndrome. It helps in relieving the signs and symptoms associated with these problems. It makes sure that body remains hydrated and well-protected against these digestive problems.
  • Bilwadi Churna helps in getting rid of the toxins and waste materials from the body. This in turn ensures normal working of the digestive system. Also it helps in prevention of various health problems which are otherwise caused due to presence of waste materials or toxic substances in the body.
  • Bilwadi Churna also helps in keeping blood sugar under control. It is done by stimulation of the pancreas to secrete insulin.
  • Bilwadi Churna is a powerful analgesic and hence offers relief from different types of pains or aches in the body.
  • Bilwadi Churna is good for heart and brain as well. It nourishes and protects these two important body organs against any damage or disorders.
  • Bilwadi Churna is one of the best antidotes against snake venom. It helps in deactivating the effect of venom in the body and saves life of a person.
  • Bilwadi Churna paces up the process of healing of wounds or injuries.
  • Bilwadi Churna is good for liver as well as it treats hepatitis very well.
  • Bilwadi Churna is helpful in the treatment of eye-related disorders or diseases also such as Conjunctivitis.
  • Bilwadi Churna is good for people suffering from chronic rhinitis. 

Dosage of bilwadi Churna

  • Must be consumed 1 – 2 teaspoons thrice a day along with cold water
  • One can also consume it with pomegranate juice.

Terms and Conditions

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