Charak Galakol Granules

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The natural galactogogue

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Galakol Granules

The natural galactogogue





Inadequate lactation due to subnormal physiological status or post-partum stress.


15-30 gms twice a day with milk.


1) Increases the quality and quantity of breast milk without any adverse effects.

2) Safe for a longer period of time.

3) Provides nutrition for the lactating mother.

4) No known drug interaction.



1)  Ensure proper and timely breast feeding of the child.

2)  Have proper nutritious food especially rich in calcium to ensure proper health.


1)  Avoid non-vegetarian foods.

2)  Avoid smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol during lactating period.


GALAKOL granules (100 gm granules contain)

Name of Ingredient        Latin/ English Name       Qty

Standardized extract of 20% Saponins

Shatavari             Asparagus racemosus   150 mg

Extracts of the folowing

Vidarikand          Ipomoea digitata             50 mg


Nigella sativa      50 mg

Sunthi   Zingiber officinale           25 mg


GALAKOL initiates and increases lactation by galactogogue activity. GALAKOL also helps in post-partum uterus involution. Asparagus racemosus, the main herb in GALAKOL,  is  standardized  to  20%  saponins  and  has  estrogenic  effect  and galactogogue   property.   Ipomoea   digitata   and   Nigella   sativa   also   possess galactogogue activity. GALAKOL improves general health status and well being.

Important ingredients  Action

shatavari              Estrogenic effect, Galactogogue

Vidarikand          Galactogogue

Kalonji  Galactogogue

Sunthi   Digestive carminative



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