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When preservation of various herbs and their perennial use came into picture at that time certain simple techniques came into existence. Choorna Kalpa is one such simple technique. In this the Dravya [herb] is dried and then pounded to form fine powder. This powder is sieved to obtain a powder with finest particles. This is called as Choorna. अत्यन्तशुष्कं यद् द्रव्यं सुपिष्ट वस्त्रगालितम् | तत् स्याच्चूर्णं रज: क्षोदस्तान्मात्रा कर्षसम्मिता || Smaller the particle size greater is the area of contact and thus also the efficacy. This makes the powder more assimilable and the effect is seen faster. Choorna is made uniform using a Kuttan yantra and it is further sieved through 80 mesh to give very small particles of the powder. Sometimes Choorna is prepared by giving Bhavana of Kwath made of same dravya. This helps to fortify the choorna and make it more potent as compared to plain choorna of the same dravya. In this way the resultant choorna becomes more efficacious even in small doses. Choorna can be either of a single Dravya or is a mixture of multiple powders mixed in appropriate proportions as per the texts to deliver the desire results. Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. has brought a range of quality standardized Choornas. Below are the Products under Choorna (also know as Churan) Avipattikar Choorna Bhaskarlavan Choorna Chousashta Pippali Hingwashtak Choorna Pushyanug Choorna Sitopaladi Choorna Taleesadi Choorna Triphala Choorna

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