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Pishti is the fine powder made by the process of Peshan [trituration]. Pishti is usually a Sheeta Gunatmak Kalpa. Pishti is prepared by doing Peshan of a powder with a liquid which is similar to giving Bhavana. Sudha Kalpas and Ratnas being soft and gentle need to be treated carefully. Shodhan of the Ratnas is done initially followed by triturating it with Gulab Jala, Nimbu Swarasa etc. for the duration as mentioned in the textual reference. Selection of best quality Akeek, Mouktik and Praval is given utmost importance. Shodhan of the ingredients is done wherever required. Trituration is done on mechanized Khalvayantra which have been installed atShree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. since more than a century. These mechanized Khalvayantras make the process of trituration uniform and eliminate human errors. This also assures the consistency of the Pishti. Below are the Products Under Pishti : Akeek Pishti Mouktik (Mukta) Pishti Pravala Pishti

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