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Kalpas or formulations containing Rasa i.e. Parad as one of the ingredient are called Rasakalpas. At time kalpas containing yogiks of Parad or different forms of Parad like Hingool or Rasa Sindoor are also called Rasakalpas. Rasakalpas are useful in small dosage, give quick results and restores health without developing Aruchi. Rasakalpas can be used even in complex diseases, they also have a longer shelf life. As metals and minerals are used in Rasakalpas appropriate Shodhan & Maran of the ingredients is carried out at Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. to ensure safety and efficacy of the product. Rasa or Parad itself or any other Dravya when processed with Parad [Maran] get converted into a form that is ‘Rasarupa’ i.e. that which is easily assimilable with Sharir Dhatu ‘Rasa’ and thus such formulations are called Rasakalpas. The main idea behind Rasakalpa is to make crude forms of metals & minerals etc. easily acceptable to the body tissues. Agnikumar Rasa Agnitundi Vati Anandbhairav Rasa Arogyavardhani Bolabaddha Rasa Chandrakala Rasa Ekangaveer Rasa Garbhapal Rasa Ichchhabhedi Rasa Kaphakuthar Rasa Krumikuthar Rasa Laxmivilas (Naradeeya) Prataplankeshwar Rasa Pushpadhanwa Rasa Rasamanikya Shankhavati Shirahshooladri Vajra Rasa Shwaskuthar Rasa Smrutisagar Rasa Sootashekhar Rasa (Sada) Tribhuvankeerti Rasa Vatakulantak Rasa Vatavidhwansa Rasa Vatavidhwansa (Maha) Rasa (With Jayapala)

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