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Asava-Arishta are prepared by undergoing process of Sandhan Prakriya i.e. fermentation. Generally in process of Asava-Arishta, ‘Drava-Dravya` i.e. either Swarasa (Hima) for Asava and Kwath or Phanta for Arishta are mixed with ‘Madhur Dravyas` i.e. Guda (Jaggery), Sharkara (Sugar) or Madhu (Honey) and Sandhandravya such as Dhataki pushpa or Kinva (Yeast) are added into it. In Asava there is no exposure to heat [Agni] while Arishta has Agni sanskar involved in its making.The mixture is kept for specific period in a closed container at controlled temperature as mentioned in texts. The process of fermentation produces self generated alcohol which acts as preservative. Asava-Arishtas deliver fast results, they invigorate the body, have long shelf life and are more useful even in small doses. Asava-Arishtas are also checked on Ayurvedic parameters. Asava-Arishtas made at Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited have been standardized by PH, TLC and Brix method. The standard level of self generated alcohol is maintained. While doing treatment it is essential to remember the Agni Sanskar performed during processing of Asava-Arishta. Asava are Sheeta gunatmaka and heavy to digest as compared to Arishta. Arishta are easy to digest due to Agni Sanskar. Below are the List of Asava, Arishta, Kadha by Dhootpapeshwar Chandanasava Drakshasava Kumari Asava No. 1 Lohasava Punarnavasava Usheerasava Abhayarishta Arjunarishta (Parthadyarishta) Ashokarishta Ashwagandharishta Dashamoolarishta Kutajarishta Saraswatarishta Mahamanjishthadi Kadha Maharasnadi Kadha Amrutarishta Mahasudarshan Kwath kanakasav Khadirarishta

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