Tanvishataa Tablets

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Tanvishataa tablets

Tanvishataa is such a great treatment & tonic that even a big book on it will not be able to cover it is great & all time uses. A preventive tonic for full family is Tanvishataa. Take to 2 Tablets Tanvishataa twice a day

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Tanvi Herbals
Tanvi herbals
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Tanvishataa Tablets

Best Tonic, For Acidity, Urine Stone, Weakness etc.

(1 to 4 Tablets Twice a Day)

In General
Tanvishataa is such a great treatment & tonic that even a big book on it will not be able to cover it is great & all time uses. A preventive tonic for full family is Tanvishataa. Take 2 Tablets Tanvishataa twice a day.

For Children
Children Frequently suffer with cough, cold, fever & because of this they have loss of apetite
. Tanvishataa is a best tonic to guard them against frequent illness & to keep them healthy.

On Acidity
Tanvishataa is a tested remedy. Take 2 Tanvishataa twice a day. Within a weeks time you will feel better.

For cronic acidity use this treatment atleast 2 to 3 months or more for long lasting results. Tanvishataa helps in curing chest burn, vomit sensation, uneasy feeling, mouth bitterness, headace etc.

It helps in heat complaints like eye, feet burning, bodyheat, excessive sweating also. Tanvishataa can be an effective combination in urine stone, urine burning, Scanty urine, urinary infections, sperm complants etc. Urine stone can be cleared in granuals & use Tanvishataa even further for best results. Tanvishataa can be usefull in Low BP complaints also.

Hair & Skin complaints, Blood purification harmones imbalance & many such complaints can be taken care byTanvishataa.

Menstrus pain
In menstrus pain complaints take 2 Tanvishataa Tablets 3 to 4 times a day during that period & the pain will be relieved. To be free from Stomach, Leg, Backpain & for easy menstrus. Tanvishataa is a best menstrus tonic.

Complaint of white discharge
In Complaint of white discharge 2 tablets of Tanvishataa, 1 Tablet of Tanvigorex has helped many. Use this combination for at least 2 to 3 months.

Pregnant Ladies must take Tanvishataa 1 tablet twice a day for all 9 months as a best pregnants care tonic. Foetus proper development, proper weight, healthy hair & skin & for pregnants health, Tanvishataa is a best tonic.

After delivery for nursing mothers Tanvishataa 2 tablets, Tanvigorex 1 & Tanvijyeshta 1 is a best tonic.

Read the detail of pregnants care given in this book that for 9 months what a pregnant should eat, take medicines to help for foetus intellegent mind & healthy body. Pregnants must follow this pregnants care for healthy next generation. The treatment given in pregnants care is so easy that a lady in extreme interior village also can easily follow.

For conception, sperm counts Tanvishataa is tonic for both ladies & gents.

In menopausal complaints, hormonas imbalance, short temperness, hot flush, changing moods, depression, sore throat etc. Tanvishataa 2, Vatshaanti 1, Shatajivanti 1/2 is a best combination.

Tanvishataa 2, Vatshaanti 1, Tanvijyeshta 1 is a good combination on stomach pain due to gass, intestine ulcers, indigestion, severe stomach pain, etc. many digesional complants.

For overall health fitness, strength & energy Tanvishataa is a best tonic.

For hair & skin complaints Tanvishataa is a best oral tonic.
Daily 2 tablets Tanvishataa helps in skin fairness, improving skin texture, blood purification, clearing skin tanning & for skin glow.

For rough, allergic skin, pimples take Tanvishataa 2, Vatshaanti 1, Tanvijyeshta 1 daily orally & apply pimpletone pack on skin twice a week.

For skin cleansing orally take Tanvishataa & externally apply Ubtan Joy on wet skin for skinwash, for black patches Kanaka Pack & Aloevera Joy.

For sunburns, skin tanning & allergies orally take 2 Tanvishataa, 1 Vatshaanti, 1 Tanvijyeshta & use Ubtan Joy or Cucumber Joy for face wash.

In hair complaints Tanvishataa 2, Tanvigorex 1 & Tanvitrifla 1 orally helps a lot. Externally once a week apply pack of Jaswand Joy 4 tsp, 1/2 tsp Keshkirti Liquid & water. Massage twice a week with Keshbala Oil.

After the completion of this treatment take 1/4 to 1/2 tablet Shatajivanti with milk for Long lasting results.

On dandruff, allergic skin take Santhakaphaa 1/ 4, Vatshaanti 1, Tanvishataa 2, Tanvijyeshta 1 orally & apply pack of Dandruffend Powder on scalp once a week. For allergic skin take wash with Ubtan Joy Liquid + Water.

In modern age premature greying starts at even school going age. Digestive complaints, stressfull life, inbalance diet, late sleeps, irregular lifestyle disturbs body cough, Vata & Pitta & starts hair greying. On this complaint take 2 Tanvishataa, 1Tanvitrifla, 1 Vatshaanti, 1 Tanvigorex & 1/4 Shatajivanti & 1/2 Ojasaa orally & apply Keshkalapini pack once a week & massage with Keshbala Oil twice a week. For further consultation visit Tanvi's panel doctors.

This is a trailor information of Tanvishataa which helps out in your all health complaints .....so dont forget to take daily Tanvishataa Tablets.

Keep all Tanvi products kit at home to safeguard family health ..... Tanvi Herbals will naturally take care of your health.



  •          Use the Tanvi Herbal treatments using the below mentioned combinations regularly.
  •          Consult Tanvi Panel Doctors for best results.
  •          You can also take multiple treatments together at a time & continue your Allopathic or Homeopathic medicine simultaneously with Tanvi Herbal treatment.
  •          For children below 5 years, Half (1/2) or Quarter (1/4) tablet doses is advisable & later 1 tablet dose is advisable to patients of above 5 years of age.
  •          Tanvishataa and Tanvijyeshta are Herbal Tonics so even children can consume them in 2 or 4 tablets doses.
  •          Take Tanvi Herbals Combinations all together after breakfast or lunch & after dinner with water. Continue for atleast 3 to 4 months to get the desired results & then gradually stop or you can use it as a tonic in future.

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Tanvi herbals

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