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Stay On Oil
Stay-On Oil of Power gives you rewarding, outstanding and exceptionally fulfilling satisfaction hitherto unknown to you. Isn't that what matters in close encounters for lasting relationships? Stay-On Oil of Power is herbal in nature, positively effective and 100% safe.
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Stay-On Oil

Sex is the driving force of a relationship. It helps to bring two people closer and get emotionally attached with each other. A sexually active relationship is the key to a successful and beautiful love life. Research studies report that couples who have excellent sex life report high level of relationship satisfaction in comparison to the couples who do not involve sex in their daily routine.

The problem arises when a person loses interest in developing or strengthening sexual relationships. Can a person lead a beautiful sexless life? The answer is a big NO. Love is the base of a relationship and sex is one of its core elements. If any of them gets missed, then clouds of problems start to get formed between the couple. Sex attaches two people together emotionally and physically in such a manner that it becomes very difficult for the partners to live apart from each other. Some of the keys for amazing sexual pleasure are perfect partner, libido, strong and erected penis, experimentation with different positions and orgasm.

Stay-on presents a special oil, which is carefully formulated by a team of proficient experts using more than 13 rare herbs. Stay-on Oil gives you rewarding, outstanding and exceptionally fulfilling satisfaction hitherto unknown to you. Isn’t that what matters in close encounters for lasting relationships? Stay-on Oil of power is herbal in nature, positively effective and 100% safe. Women are equally demanding as men and want their sexual experience to be an ultimate one. They love their men to be wild and passionate while being loved by them. Stay-on Power Oil makes sure that your sexual pleasures get heightened. If you or your partner is not content with the size of the penis, then there is nothing to lose hope. This herbal oil for penis makes it harder, stronger and powerful to make your partner crave for more. Moreover, Stay-on Oil helps to keep the penis erected for a comparatively longer time period as well as controls the problem of pre-mature ejaculation.Get stronger and harder with Stay-on!


  • More than satisfactory erection

  • Heightened pleasures during every sexual encounter

  • Extra tightening of Pubo Coccygeal (PC) muscle gives stronger and powerful erection

  • Rubbing with Stay-on oil makes penis healthier

  • Healthier penis increases duration of sexual encounters

  • Helps maintain erection and controls pre-mature ejaculation

  • Extra sensation arouses your partner faster and earlier

Call it a sex oil or a fuel which adds sparks to your love life, Stay-on power oil gives inimitable results.


It is easy to use. Start by washing your penis with lukewarm water to feel clean, fresh and in mood. Squeeze 4-5 drops on your penis and massage it gently (avoiding the sensitive tip). Feel the strength grow gradually and experience the towering pride in your manhood (and an admiringly naughty gaze of your woman). For better results, apply it daily 15 -20 minutes before sex.

Adventurous men could make it part of their foreplay by involving their partner in getting it massaged for heightened pleasures. Try it!

Clean the oil after massage with lukewarm water.


  • Khalimirchi

  • Tagar

  • Latjeera

  • Khut

  • Indrayuv

  • Asgandh

  • Ghokru

  • Lhodh

  • Kapur

  • Bhelpatra

  • Udad

  • Thil

  • Sendha Namak

What people are saying

I ordered Stay-on capsules online, and to my surprise, I received my order just after two days of placing the order! I was facing problems in maintaining physical relations with my wife as I was not confident in doing so. I started having these capsules and within that period, I felt an extreme change in the level of my energy and stamina. I started to feel confident and my relationship with my wife improved a great deal! All thanks to Stay-on!” 
Suraj Kalra, Age 34 years


I am using Stay-on Power Capsules from last 20- days. Since then, I have noticed several benefits in my sex life. I feel more energetic now and love to be sexually involved with my wife every night. Before, we used to have sexual encounters only three or four times a month and that was ruining my relationship. Now, we both are happy with our sex life. 
Shrey Kulshreshth, Age 45 years

I am about to get married next month. I was very much worried that I would not be able to satisfy my partner’s needs as my sexual organ is not of appropriate size. I also noticed that I face problem in getting or keeping it erect. My friend suggested me to take Stay-on Power Capsules, so I purchased these from its official website. After using it for its recommended period of 21 days, I found a great improvement in my sex power. It also helped my sexual organ to gain a great size, erection and strength that will certainly bowl over my wife! Now, I am just waiting to get married, with confidence!.
Sushant Arora, Age 28 years

I am a married man and it’s been 4 years that I am married to the love of my life. Recently, I started to experience low libido and lost interest in developing sexual intercourse with my wife. My wife was also not happy with this change of attitude. We consulted an expert and he suggested to give Stay-on a try as it is herbal. I purchased a combo online, which has sex power capsules and sex power oil. I started using both the products and found them very beneficial. Now, I am again in the loving and sexy mood that I used to be in the initial phase of our marriage. What else to say, I am getting late for my office almost every day for past two weeks!
Zumar Khan, Age 34 years

I am in a relationship with a very beautiful and intellectual girl from last 5 years and soon we will get married. Whenever we get physical with each other, the first thought that clicks our minds is ‘CONDOMS’. We love experimenting with flavors, so, I bought Stay-on condoms in all the three flavors. I found them really good. If your girl loves to play with flavors, you should definitely try Stay-on condoms!.
Shobhit Juneja, Age 24 years

Shree Maruti

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