J.P.007 Plus Capsule

J.P.007 Plus Capsule
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JP 007 Plus capsules are meant to provide extra power to the body and provides strength to the persons suffering from sexual weakness. Regular intake of it increases sexual stamina and strength.

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JP 007 Plus capsules are meant to provide extra power to the body and provides strength to the persons suffering from sexual weakness. Regular intake of it increases sexual stamina and strength.

JP 007 Plus capsules ingredients & indications

  • Swarna Bhasma : Unctuous, sweet, cold-potency and is of 'Rasayan' (life-prolonging) quality. It protracts Wisdom, Potency, Memory, Gloss and Vitality. It is Tonic, Aphrodisiac. It possesses prodigious potency in providing Vital-Impetus even to the cadaverous patient.
  • Vidari : Unctuous, roborant, spermatolytic, cold-potency, uretic, Vital-Impetus protracting. Conferrer of strength and tint, is rasayan (life-prolonging).
  • Shilajit : It removes the debility of nerves, transmitting sentience. It is infallible and eminent for innating the augmented gesture in the arteries. It purifies the gall bladder. Remover of debility of Nervous System and Mental Flaccidity.
  • Moti Bhasma : Sweet, Cold; subverts Weakness and Debility etc. Makes the man robust.
  • Ashvagandha : Is Hot-potency, restorative, extreme spermatogenic rasayana 'life prolonging'.
  • kumkum : Is aromatic, stomachic, digestant, relishing, complexion-promoter, tonic, aphrodisiac, uretic.

United with such ingredients, this ayurvedic 'yog' is very effective in increasing vitality; by maintaining potency in the body. This is very effective in increasing disease-resistance capacity of body during adult-age also.

JP 007 Plus capsules dosage

  • General : A dose of 1 capsule may be taken twice a day with milk.
  • For Activation and the state of healthiness young-men should take this capsule for a minimum period of four months particularly during Winter-season.
  • Patients having protracted emaciation of Particular-Organ (Related-Organ) and of old age should take it for the period of four to six months at least. This capsule does not make the user habitual of its use.

Available Size : 20 capsules.

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