Herbal Hills Detoxhills Shots

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Herbal Hills Detoxhills Shots
  • May help to eliminate wastes from the body.
  • May help to maintain body's electrolyte balance.
  • Helps to support healthy immune system.
  • Helps to maintain healthy digestion.
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Herbal Hills
Herbal Hills
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Detoxhills Herbal Shots: Detox Syrup/ Colon Cleanse Drink/ Natural Detox Drink/ Digestive Cleanse Syrup

Detoxification and cleansing are extremely important processes of our body. Through them, our system ensures the digestion is proper; bowel movements are smooth to remove unwanted and harmful toxins. However, junk food and unhealthy lifestyle can cause indigestion, constipation, nausea vomiting and problems in the bowel. Hence, to provide natural colon cleanse and digestive cleanse, Herbal Hills has created the unique Detoxhills Syrup (Detox Syrup). It’s an excellent colon cleanse drink.

Detoxhills Natural Colon Cleanse Syrup is an Ayurvedic formulation of Triphala, Trikatu, Harde, Bahava Magaj, Nishottar Ghana and Pippali (kadha). It may have carminative, antioxidant and digestive properties.
Haritaki is extremely useful in constipation, detoxification and supporting healthy digestion. Haritaki and Triphala are brilliant for constipation management and are known to be good bowel stimulants due to their laxative properties. This natural detox drink may benefit the colon to push excretory matters faster and may also help the colon to absorb water, eventually improving the excretion process and provide relief from constipation.
Moreover, Detoxhills is a strong cleanser. It may help remove harmful toxins from the body and promote healthy functions of stomach and intestine. It may also help in gastic disorders and bowel-related conditions.

Main ingredients: Triphala, Pudina, Jeera, Sunthee, Garcinia, Saindhav namak, Dhania

Dosage: Take 15ml syrup twice day – before breakfast, before dinner.

Herbal Hills

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