Baidyanath Harital (Godanti) Bhasma, 10 GM

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Baidyanath HARITAL (GODANTI) BHASMA is Useful in Headache, Chronic Fevers, Malaria, Pneumonia, Leucorrhoea, Vaginitis.
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About Godanti Bhasma

Godanti Bhasma  is an Ayurvedic medicine, prepared from Gypsum. It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of headache, Chronic Fever, leucorrhea etc.  This medicine should only be taken strictly under medical supervision. 

Ingredients of Godanti Bhasma

  • Godanti Gypsum CaSO4 2H2o (Calcium Sulphate)
  • Chandan Ark
  • Dharit Kumari

Indications of Godanti Bhasma

Godanti bhasma plays crucial role in Ayurvedic practice and it is useful in various health complications which are given below:

  • It is very effective in chronic fever, typhoid fever.
  • It reduces headache and it is beneficial in migraine and trigeminal neuralgia.
  • It is useful in leucorrhea and it reduces white discharge and inflammation of women reproductive organs.
  • It is useful in Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding) during menstruation.
  • It act as calcium supplement and helps in calcium deficiency disorders like osteoporosis, backache, and rickets.
  • It is used to treat gastric problems like gastric ulcers, diarrhea, dysentery and hyperacidity.
  • It is also useful in burning sensation

Features of Good variety of Godanti (Gypsum)

The godanti found in shiny layers is expected for medicinal purpose. It should possess crystal white colour and lustrous radiance like the moon of autumn season (Sharath ritu).

According to Ayurveda , it should be purified before its acceptance for therapeutic purposes.

Qualities of Godanti bhasma

Godanti bhsama is cold in nature. So, it is preferred in the treatment of Pitta imbalance disorders.

Especially in jaundice, urticaia rashes, fever etc  it is of proven efficacy.

Because of its coolant properties, it is used in fever with high body temperature, associated with headache.

Benefits & Medicinal Uses of Godanti Bhasma

Godanti Bhasma has a crucial role in ayurvedic practice because it acts as PARACETAMOL and lowers fever immediately. Its effects appear within 30 minutes to 2 hours in fever and headache.

The main action of Godanti Bhasma is on brain, blood vessels and lungs. It is well known in ayurvedic world for the management of fever and infections. Let us discuss about its medicinal uses and health benefits.

Fever (several origins)

Fever may have many causes, but Godanti bhasma is given to every patient to lower the temperature. It is generally used with Sudarshan churna or Sudarshan Ghanvati for reducing fever. Sometimes, praval pisthi also require getting instant results especially when patient also complain about severe body pains and restlessness.

Typhoid fever

Godanti Bhasma prepared with Juice of Neem Leaves is beneficial in typhoid fever. In acute phase, when patient has high fever, it can be used for seven days with other ayurvedic medicines.

It is also beneficial in chronic phase of typhoid fever, when patient has low-grade fever. In this case, the following combination is helpful.

  • Neem Godanti-500 mg
  • Praval Pisthi-500 mg
  • Sitopaladi churna-1.5 grams
  • Giloy Sat-250 mg

Patient can repeat dosage twice or thrice a day with honey. It is also beneficial in dry cough.


Hypocalcaemia is a condition with low serum calcium levels. Calcium from Godanti Bhasma is highly absorbable. Alone Godanti Bhasma can help elevating serum calcium levels. To potentiate its effects, the following combination can be more beneficial.

  • Godanti Bhasma-500 mg
  • Praval Pishti-250 mg
  • Mukta Shukti Pishti-250 mg


Godanti bhasma reduces headache and it is beneficial in migraine and trigeminal neuralgia. In headache, it can be used alone or with MISHRI (Sugar).

  • Godanti Bhasma-500 mg
  • Giloy Sat-500 mg
  • Misri(in powder form)-2 grams

The above remedies should be mixed in given dosage and taken with water twice daily. In severe pain, this mixture can be taken 3 to 4 times a day.

Migraine & Trigeminal neuralgia

In case of migraine and trigeminal neuralgia, Godanti Bhasma should be taken along with Cow’s Ghee and MISHRI (Sugar). Patient may also require other ayurvedic medicines for a proper treatment of these diseases. These medicines include Sutshekhar Ras and Shir Shuladi Vajra Ras.

Leucorrhea & Vaginitis

Godanti bhasma reduces white discharge and inflammation of women reproductive organs. The following mixture is used for this disease.

  • Neem Godanti-500 mg
  • Cumin Seeds powder-1 gram
  • Majuphal powder-500 mg
  • Supari Pak-2 grams

Excessive Uterine Bleeding

In this condition, Godanti Bhasma mixture is used. This mixture includes:

  • Neem Godanti-500 mg
  • Amla Powder-2 grams
  • Psyllium Husk-2 grams

Dosage of Godanti Bhasma

250 mg once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

It is traditionally administered along with ghee, honey milk or with sugar.

  • Age Group(0 to 3 Months)-65 mg to 125 mg
  • Age Group(3 Months to 1 year)-125 mg to 175 mg
  • Age Group(1 year to 5 years)-125 mg to 250 mg
  • Age Group(Above 5 years)-250 mg to 500 mg
  • Age Group(Adults)-500 mg to 1 gram

Side effects 

  • Self medication with this medicine may prove to be dangerous.
  • Over-dosage may cause severe side effects including gastritis, increased menstrual bleeding etc.

Children,pregnancy and lactation

It is best avoided during pregnancy and infants. It can be administered in lower doses in lactating mother and children. But for this, direct consultation with an Ayurveda doctor is necessary.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.


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