Medora Capsule

Medora Capsule

Feel light. Stay fit. Look good. Effective Weight & Inch Loss with Ayurvedic

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Anandi Pharma
Anandi Pharma
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Medora capsules for weight loss medicine  

Take capsules from us or from other company you have to eat healthily (cut out processed foods and foods based on wheat or maida), and take some good exercise yoga daily. So you will lose weight naturally and feel healthy at the same time.

Medora capsules side effects

As all ingredients are ayurvedic so there is no side effect.

Medora capsules price in India

You can get bottle of Medora Capsules for Rs.250 for 50 capsules. You can take 2 capsules a day before meal with lukewarm water. medora oil         

You can massage with oil and your body will shine or tone like anything.

Medora capsules reviews            

As most of users who have taken capsules with oil they got good results but with good diet and exercise which can add them extra advantage.



Reduce carb craving : Means if you are feeling very much hungry all the time its not good symbol.

Burn Stored Body fat.

Helps to keep thin body mass.

Need Energy for excercise


Each capsule Contains:

Radish root vegetable – 80 mg

Balsamodendron mukul gum of small tree – 60 mg

Purified Shilajit for energy – 70 mg

Cyperus rotundus species of sedge native to Africa – 60 mg

Black Peeper – 60 mg

Zinger – 60 mg

Medohar vidangadi loha – 60 mg

Triphala – 60 mg

Dolichos biflorus – 80 mg

Capsules, Gel and Oil Lose up to 15 kg in 3 months, No hardcore exercises and dieting No side effects

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