Charak Livomyn Drops

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Charak Livomyn Drops

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The only hepatoprotector with the L- factor

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Livomyn Drops

The only hepatoprotector with the L- factor





Infantile digestive problems.


Children: 10 to 20 drops thrice a day

infants: 5 to 10 drops thrice a day


1) Reduces SGPT, SGOT and bilirubin levels.

2) Increases bile flow.

3) Improves kupffer cell function and builds immunity.

4) Reverses hepatic cell damage.



1)  Simple and easily digestible food items – leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and fresh juices.

2)  Prefer luke warm water

3)  Small but frequent quantity of food is advised for patients suffering from liver disorders or diseases to maintain normal liver functions.

4)  Bed rest especially in jaundice.


1)  Consumption of alcohol and hepato-toxic drugs like steroids NSAIDs and

2)  Excessive intake of tea and coffee should be avoided.



Each 5 ml contains :

Name of Ingredient        Latin/ English Name       Qty

Extracts of the following :

Bhumyamalaki  Phyllanthus niruri            150 mg

Triphala                >>>>    135 mg

Rohitak Amoora rohituka             115 mg

Kasni     Cichorium intybus           112 mg

Punarnava          Boerhaavia diffusa         112 mg

Bhringaraj           Eclipta alba         75 mg

Vasa      Adhatoda vasica              75 mg

Shunthi                Zingiber officinale           55 mg

Daruharidra        Berberis aristata              38 mg

Guduchi               Tinospora cordifolia       22 mg

Sharpunkha        Tephrosia pupurea         22 mg

Parpata                Fumaria officinalis           22 mg

Vidanga                Embelia ribes    22 mg

Dhanyak              Coriandrum sativum      15 mg

Kumari  Aloe barbadensis            15 mg

Kalmegh              Andrographis paniculata              5 mg

Katuki   Picrorrhiza kurroa           5 mg.

Flavoured syrupy base                   q.s.


LIVOMYN  is  a  combination  of  time  tested  and  well-documented  herbs  in  all  kind of  liver disorders.  LIVOMYN offers antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.   LIVOMYN   ensures   protection   of   hepatocytes   against   various   toxins. Andrographis paniculata has cholagogue, antiviral properties.  Phyllanthus niruri is hepatoprotective;  exhibits marked  inhibitory  effect  on  Hepatitis  B  virus  and  has  anti-inflammatory  property.  Picrorrhiza  kurroa  increases  the  production  and  flow  of  bile; Boerhaavia  diffusa  has  powerful  anti-inflammatory  action  and  significantly  inhibits the cell proliferation. Tinospora cordifolia and Cichorium intybus are immunomodulatory and anti-infective.  Berberis aristata is hepatoprotective, liver rejuvenator and anti-inflammatory.  Aloe barbadensis restores the integrity of hepatocytes and Emblica officinalis from Triphala reverses the hepatotoxin induced pre-fibrogenic events thus they help to rejuvenate the liver.  LIVOMYN is an ideal hepatoprotective formulation which regulates the bile flow, protects the liver from virus, alcohol and drugs taken for other diseases and helps to rejuvenate the liver.

Important ingredients  Action

Kalmegh             Cholagogue, antiviral

Bhumyamlaki     Hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, powerful inhibitory effect on hepatitis B virus

Katuki   Anti-viral activity, regulates the production and flow of bile

Punarnava          Anti-inflammatory, inhibits the cell proliferation

Kumari  Restores integrity of hepatocytes

Amlaki  Reverses the hepatotoxin induced prefibrogenic events

Guduchi, kasni  Immunomodulator, anti-infective, prevents hepatocyte damage, anti-infective

Daruharidra        Hepatoprotective, prevents hepatocyte damage, anti-inflammatory


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