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Parpati has an important place in Rasakalpas. Parpati is the form which is obtained in flakes, gets disintegrated in the body at the level of Grahani. Hence it is specifically being used in Grahani related disorders and is effective in correcting appetite. This dosage form is specially designed to show its action directly in the Grahani region i.e. in the duodenum region. During the process of making Parpati Kalpa the ingredients are subjected to heat and melted. This molten mixture is further allowed to cool by pressing it between two banana leaves over two cowdung cakes. The process is such that the Agni gets locked into the Parpati Kalpa making it to act best in disorders related to Agnimandya. The dosage form is such that it does not act in the stomach but instead starts its action in Grahani i.e. Duodenum. Panchamruta Parpati contains Parad and Gandhak while Shweta Parpati is devoid of both Parad and Gandhak. The Shodhan of the ingredients and the amount of heat to which the mixture is subjected is meticulously monitored to maintain the standard and consistency in the quality of the product. Below are the Products under Parpati : Panchamrut Parpati Shweta Parpati Rasaparpati

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